Play: PDX


10-week course group project with the open-ended task of designing a mobile application.


A Portland day planner that allows users to build a list of activities and food locations, specific to PDX, and then "play" through their day.


In a group of four, Play:PDX was designed over the course of 10 weeks. Starting with initial brainstorming and mood boards, the conceptual idea of a Portland day planner that worked similarly to a music playlist was developed. Allowing the users to filter through mood, location, and type of activity or food, they could compile a "playlist" for the day. They would then press "play" to receive happy hours, closing and opening times, as well as other special alerts based on their unique "playlist."

The final product reflected the Portland vibe and style, and consisted of 86 designed screens, as well as architecture, wire-framing, and user testing. 

After the end of the course, we presented Play:PDX to two developers to better understand the opportunities in developing an app. Despite our decision to not continue with Play:PDX, we gained great experience and insight into how an application is developed and the cost of creating it.

Collaborated with: Sarah Gillihan, Gjeryl Fajardo, Alex Saunders