Design Week Portland

During our Open House for Design Week Portland, our agency designed and developed a unique experience for all who entered our space. Wanting those who participated to become more knowledgable about our staff, environment, work, and each other, we designed an application that would allow them to explore and participate.

Our team created applications that would respond to iBeacons to create a reactionary environment for our guests. We placed these beacons around our office and on ourselves. 

Upon entering our office, visitors registered at a kiosk, picked up an available phone, and filled out a small form that allowed them to share content with other participants.


Personal Device Experience

Once inside, the phone's native application would pick up signals from the beacons, which provided the approximate distance the phone was from the beacons. Using this information, the app would either switch screens or trigger events throughout the office. The default state for the application was called "icebreaker" and it detected the beacons the staff were carrying. As guests moved around, the info cards about each employee were sorted based on proximity.

In addition to information about our staff, if users passed close enough to a monitor, it would detect their presence and greet them and then play a video about the company.


Community Experience


We created a 3D visualization to be projected on a wall inside one of our conference rooms that would react to any user who entered the room if they carried a device. If they liked, they could project the content they supplied at the initial kiosk onboarding. This experience was built upon throughout the night as more guests added their content to the projection.