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Amicus Design Solutions


Amicus, a giving platform for Donor Advised Funds, approached us to conceptualize, design and test their MVP project. As a product in it's initial stages, our first task was to learn the goals of the platform and identify the user roles and tasks. As a team, we used those roles to create wireframes and prototypes that were used during design research and testing.

As lead visual designer, I was tasked with creating the UI design for Amicus. Beginning with mood boards and brand research, I worked closely with the team to discover the personality within the platform. Taking center stage within the design was photography, video, and graphics because they were able to quickly connect donors to charities. Our top design priority was showcasing the charitable organizations' unique stories and impact. This would allow donors to easily learn about an organization that shared their same interests and take action. The culmination of work was finalized with a hand off of assets, style guide, and interaction specifications to their development team.

Amicus released their commercial build on iOS and Android.



User Roles | UX Wireframes | Mood Boards | Style Guide